AC Local Train Service In Mumbai

The Central Railway was planning to start running the AC Local trains since 29 January 2019 last year. The first train for Mumbai travelers was received in December 2019 from Chennai based company that builds railway coaches. It is to be started between the stations of Thane, Vashi, and Panvel. The train ticket for the local AC for Thane Vashi route is fixed at Rs 130 while the ticket for a journey in Thane and Panvel costs Rs 175. Shaivya Nautiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal fromB&M Global Solutions explore the plan for this railway project.

People who travel in Mumbai through Central Railway got their wish fulfilled for an AC Local train when the Indian railways announced that they would be starting the AC service in a local area in Mumbai. The Thane, Vashi, and Panvel Local AC train was inaugurated in January end last year by Suresh Angadi, Maharashtra Railways Minister.

The Western railway was planning to launch a few Local AC trains in the city of Mumbai and once it received a good response from the public, the Central Railway announced that the first train would begin its services on the targeted route. The authorities tested the functioning of the train in the Trans-Harbour route and people who travel in Mumbai’s Thane-Vashi-Panvel area would benefit from the service.

Initially, the railway officials announced that the train would begin running on 24 January. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, the launch was further delayed till 29 January 2020. Shaivya Nautiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal fromB&M Global Solutions have found out that the main reason for this delay was the protests related to the train project that kept it in a standstill state. Very few people know that the AC Local rail project was to be launched by Central Railway. However, due to some problems with bridge height, the project launch had to be changed. Also, there were some technical problems that caused the delay.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, the body that builds the trains planned to construct a specific design of train that would suit the bridge height at present. Special planning and construction were required for this by BHEL. The Western Railway trains were a little longer and it was not fit for the current bridge height. The AC Local trains were constructed 13 mm less in height to make them compatible with the bridge.

The current railways’ plan includes running of the local AC train sixteen times in a day in the targeted route. The old AC/DC trains in use would be scrapped and removed from service. It will be replaced by the new design Local AC trains. Two coaches on the train are for female passengers. Railway Police constables will be guarding these reserved coaches for the protection of women.

This article is written by Shaivya Nautiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal from B&M Global Solutions.

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