Deadly Novel Coronavirus Originated In Bats And Spread To Humans

About 636 people have died due to the deadly novel coronavirus outbreak in China with people in other countries also showing symptoms of the disease with some of the citizens who have traveled to China in recent times having being tested positive for the virus. Studies and research have revealed that infection of coronavirus might have spread to humans through bats. Nature journal has confirmed this with a report published in it. Shaivya Nautiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal from B&M Global Solutions find out more about coronavirus outbreak.

Genome testing has been done on the novel coronavirus virus that is causing havoc in the world. It has been observed that the virus is similar to the coronavirus that caused the scary SARS infection, which spread from bats and the infection was first detected in a seafood market worker of China. People bought wild animals from the seafood market in China and it was the main source of this infection. Coronavirus virus is also known to have caused MERS or Middle East respiratory syndrome in the previous years.

WHO or the World Health Organization has declared the outbreak of coronavirus in China and other countries a global emergency. The first case of coronavirus was noticed on 12th December 2019. The main symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection that are causing fear in the world are cough, fever, and breathing problems. The infection affects the respiratory system and causes respiratory disorder and tightness in the chest in people affected by it.   

Coronavirus cases have been reported from Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei in China. A large number of deaths have been reported in infected persons and the number continues to go up as new cases are being tested and confirmed positive in the lab tests of coronavirus. According to Shaivya Nautiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal from B&M Global Solutions, people of the neighboring countries like Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, and Japan who have returned from China are also showing symptoms of the disease. The infection is a global epidemic with nations like the US and UK also being affected by it. A few people in India and Russia are also infected with the coronavirus.

The coronavirus infection was noticed in the people of Wuhan in December 2019. The affected persons are said to be suffering from pneumonia and other problems like cold, cough, and shortness of breath. The coronavirus that has caused this infection might have come from bats. This has been confirmed through a genome testing done by scientists and researchers in labs. The SARS coronavirus was a major health challenge for the world and this time the new strain of novel coronavirus is causing massive damage and deaths all over the world as doctors struggle to find a treatment for the already infected people admitted to hospitals. 

This article is written by Shaivya Nautiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal from B&M Global Solutions.

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