Honest Review of CAB combined with NRC

The recent protest over CAB converting to now CAA, Citizenship Amendment Act has seen people taking over the streets to show their anger against the law. What we need to see is that is this anger and protests justified and if it is based on facts. Does the Act really go against Muslims and citizens of India? We need to analyze the situation a bit more deeply to reach a conclusion and give a justified verdict over the authenticity of the protests. Similarly, we must know why the political parties of India and people are against the NRC. Let’s analyze both these topics in detail.

What Is CAA? – Shaivya Nautiyal

CAA gives the right of Indian citizenship to minorities and illegal migrants of 3 countries-Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh belonging to Hindu, Silk, Christian, Buddhist, and Parsi religions, who are living in India illegally without valid documents. This act is based on the religion of the migrants and Muslims are not granted citizenship in India from the 3 neighbouring countries mentioned above. The act applies to all states of India. It gives the right of citizenship to illegal migrants and enables them to live anywhere in India.

What Is NRC?

On the other hand, the NRC or National Register of Citizens is a process of documentation and registering the names of genuine Indians who are living in Assam. It excludes foreign nationals who are living in Assam illegally. This helps in identifying individuals living illegally in the northeastern state of Assam and separating them from Indian citizens. The NRC has been made only for Assam and it is not applicable for any other state or region of India.

Why The Protests Over CAA And NRC? – Shaivya Nautiyal

There have been talks about making NRC like citizens register for the whole of India and this is what is creating the confusion. People think that the government will mistreat Muslims who are citizens of India and deny them the rights of citizenship they have been enjoying until now.

Facts About CAA And NRC

The truth is that CAA doesn’t propose to scrap the citizenship of Muslims of India. The NRC for the whole of India will only identify people who are living in India illegally even they are non-Muslims and from other religions. The CAB or CAA only grants citizenship rights to minorities of our three neighboring countries without taking away citizenship from Indian Muslims. People of Northeast states don’t like the CAA. They think that minorities from other nations will enter their state and disturb their demography and customs. People are also protesting on excluding Muslims migrants from getting citizenship under the CAA law.


The protests are not justified and it is important to understand that CAA doesn’t deny citizenship to any Indian or Muslim who are citizens of India. It only grants citizenship rights to religious minorities from 3 countries in India’s border. 

This article has been written by academic coordinator (Shaivya Nautiyal) at B&M Global Solutions. Shaivya Nautiyal is an avid reader and a mentor in BM Global Solutions.

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