My Journey as a mentor so far? – Shaivya Nautiyal

shaivya nautiyal

I am Shaivya Nautiyal and I will be telling you about my journey so far to be a mentor + guide in B&M Global Solutions. 

I completed my Msc (Hon.) in mathematics and thus joined B&M Global Solutions as a research associate (Subject Matter Expert). Soon enough given my performance I was promoted to be Academic Coordinator here and then Sr. Academic Coordinator. I was mentored by Shweta Kothiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal. Thus, I started recruiting new people as well on the positions of Subject Matter Experts and started helping them with their queries and provided them a direction to grow in the company. Soon enough, the dream team as requested by the management started being created. The company was already growing more than 150% per year as was known to me during the period I was involved in the sales processes.

Thus, the first department that I helped with was Subject Matter Experts at B&M Global Solutions. The team comprised of different domains like Tech SMEs, Non Tech SMEs, Programmers. The non tech SMEs comprised of mostly general as well as HR, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Legal experts who were recruited on a fixed salary + the incentives as well based on the performance. Since I myself was a SME while I joined B&M Global Solutions I was able to guide them pretty well on it and handle the grievances of this team as well.

The other team comprised of tech SMEs, for e.g. the technical experts who attempted papers on cloud computing, robotics. This team mostly comprised of freshers from courses like Msc, Bsc, MCA, BCA. I was the person responsible for hiring and guiding this team as well. I was able to help them find a goal however, for too technical queries I redirected them to the quality analyst team based out of Delhi.

The third team that was created was of programmers of different languages like Java, C and MySQL. These people were mostly experienced candidates or freshers who did really did their job well. 

The most common grievance that I have faced till date is that of career growth of a team member. To be really honest, money is not the only thing that a team member is looking for, the key to being a mentor is to not consider your team member as an employee but owner of the company, give them the right career path, right direction, handle their issues with care and thus, you too be a great mentor for your team.

Thus in a nutshell, I have been closely involved in different processes of marketing & sales, operations as well as accounts. One thing that I can say about being involved with the management for last 4 years is trust your management, and deal with them with utmost honesty and they will honor you back with more love and perks for your career growth.

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