Updates On Coronavirus-The New Disaster That Has Struck The World

A large number of coronavirus cases have been detected in China and other countries of the world. 563 people have died due to the disease so far. The infection has spread from Wuhan to other parts of China and reports of citizens of other countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and other countries being affected with the infection are coming in. Shaivya Nautiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal from B&M Global Solutions give the latest updates on the coronavirus epidemic.

India is taking stringent action to prevent the disease from spreading from the Indian citizens who have returned to the country after traveling to China. Steps are being taken to evacuate Indians from the disease-stricken Wuhan area and quarantine them for 14 days on their return. Arrangements are made to admit the suspected patients and people who return from China in public and government hospitals like Army hospital in Delhi. The testing of the disease is carried out by sending their samples to AIIMS and other hospitals. Flights have returned from Wuhan carrying Indians nationals living there for work or study. The crew of the flight as a measure of safety have been sent for leave.


Kerala in India has declared the outbreak of coronavirus as a state emergency and disaster. The suspected people are undergoing testing by sending their samples to the National Virology center located in Maharashtra’s Pune. KK Shailaja, who happens to be the health minister of Kerala, has said that the samples of 229 people being sent for testing for coronavirus have been negative. A strict checking and monitoring are being conducted in all parts of Kerala and necessary steps are taken for dealing with confirmed cases who have tested positive for the infection.

According to Shaivya Nautiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal from B&M Global Solutions, research is being done to find a solution to the deadly coronavirus infection that has emerged from Wuhan in China. The virus that causes this disease has been found to be similar to the virus that caused SARS. The SARS originated from bats and it caused havoc when it occurred. Studies have shown that the novel coronavirus of China might have originated from bats too.

India is making vast arrangements to protect its citizens from the disease. Health ministry has confirmed that no Indian who has returned from China during the evacuation operation has tested positive for coronavirus. This seems to be a positive report. A total of 645 evacuees have been rescued from China and their samples have shown a negative report during testing for coronavirus.

The number of coronavirus affected people has increased in China. Chinese authorities and the government are opening new hospitals especially for treating this disease. A new hospital has been made in a very short time by using prefabricated rooms as an urgent measure to provide treatment facilities and contain the outbreak.

This article is written by Shaivya Nautiyal and Dinkar Nautiyal from B&M Global Solutions.

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