What are the challenges of being a mentor?

Being a mentor I faced many challenges when dealing with my mentees, here are a few of them:

Identifying a mentee’s motivation: Each person is different, and identifying a person’s motivation is one of the major challenges which as a mentor you have to know so as to engage your team members.

Setting reasonable goals for the team members: Setting up a reasonable goal, I would say, is again one of the major challenges which as a mentor you should know. You must set up a reasonable goal with an appropriate deadline associated with it and help your team in achieving it before the given time on it so that it will build up initial trust and confidence mutually and they will be happily joining to achieve your goal.

Keeping mentee engaged: The 3rd challenge is to be keeping a mentee engaged. As an Academic coordinator I have always tried to keep my team members engaged by keeping them working towards their goals by treating them as a work family I can keep them motivated with work in a healthy and happy work environment.

Right incentives: Setting up the right goals for your team and incentivizing the goals correctly is again a major challenge for a mentor.

Building mentee’s confidence: Another challenge which as a mentor you will be facing is to build someone’s confidence in your team. You should know your staff liking and disliking so that you can keep them motivated and enthusiast for work and hence keep motivated by appreciating them for their hard efforts despite of judging them with their performance all the time that’s not necessary sometimes it’s good to lose your grip on them and let them strive hard to achieve it.

Addressing lack of planning: Another challenge is to present with a right set of steps to achieve a goal for the team. You must discuss all the goals and targets thoroughly with your team so that you could place a better plan to achieve your goal in the provided timeline.

Giving negative feedback to the mentee on lack of progress: Now this is one of the hardest challenges of being a mentor, giving negative feedback to your team members and making sure your team members do not get demotivated by it and take positive points from it.

Utilizing the team and resources to reach the goal set by the management: This is again, one of the major challenges faced by any mentor or team leader. Utilizing the correct resource at the right time and who to allot what work and in how much budget is what a team leader should be very sure about so as to reach the bigger goal of a company or of your management.

Thus, according to me these are few challenges faced a mentor while leading a team and yet handling the management’s expectations at the same time, which with the right approach becomes easier to handle.

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