Who Are The Protesters Of CAA? Are They Genuine?

The CAB or Citizenship Amendment Bill was approved by both houses of Parliament on 11 December 2019 and the President of India has given his consent to turn the bill into law on 12 December 2019. It is now known as CAA or Citizenship Amendment Law. There have been widespread protests over this proposed bill and now a law all over India. Starting from Delhi and northeast states, the protests have covered other regions of India with people marching on streets to show their anger.

Protests In Northeast

People of Assam and neighbouring states lying in the north-eastern region don’t want refugees and migrants to come and live in their area. The natives of the northeast protect their culture and customs. They think that the CAA would disturb their demographics and cultural identity that they are proud to possess. People fear that they will lose their rights once the migrants enter their state.

Muslim protestors

The other protestors are people who think that CAA would scrap the rights of Indian Muslims. The protestors are against excluding illegal Muslims from neighbouring countries from CAA and denying citizenship to them under the new law. Students have launched a fight against the police in universities like Jamia Milia Islamia. Muslims are protesting against CAA and believe that it will take away their citizenship rights.

Protests Against Hindutva Policy Of Government

Muslims have the false fear that the government is discriminating against them and want to target the Muslim community and give more encouragement to Hindu rights in the country. The Hindutva policy of the Indian government is the reason why so many people and political parties have started the protests.

Is The Protest Justified And Reasonable?

The protest against CAA is unjustified and based on false assumptions and fears in the minds of people rather than facts and truth. Famous personalities like historian Ramachandran Guha have dived into the protests openly to air their views and displeasure.

Protests Taking A Bad Turn

Violence in the protests has resulted in the killing of some people. The government has taken strict steps to curb the protestors from harming the public interests of innocent people. Curfew was imposed in many areas with the shutting down of internet services.

Facts About CAA

The fact is that CAA doesn’t take away the rights of any Indian. It only grants citizenship rights to religious minorities of three neighbouring countries of India. Students, locals, activists, social workers, and politicians are taking part in the nationwide protests. Although their fears may be genuine, yet they need to analyze the facts of CAA and think if the law really goes against the interests of Indian citizens. Innocent people should not be harmed and killed in the protests and this must end somewhere. Let’s find the truth of CAA and check if it harms us in any way. Stopping the unrest is the solution to the violence people are undergoing.

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